Homeowner Rights and Responsibilities

Being in an HOA, you have certain rights—and responsibilities.


You have the right to...

-A responsive and competent community association.

-Honest, fair, and respectful treatment by community leaders and managers.

-Attend meetings, serve on committees, and run for election.

-Access appropriate association records.

-Prudent financial management of fees and other assessments.

-Live in a community where the property is maintained according to established standards.

-Fair treatment regarding financial and other association obligations, including the opportunity to discuss payment plans and options before the association takes any legal action, and the right to appeal decisions.

-Receive all rules and regulations governing the community association—if not prior to purchase and settlement, then upon joining the community.


You have the responsibility to...

-Maintain your property according to established standards.

-Treat association leaders with honesty and respect.

-Read and comply with rules and regulations of the community and ensure that your tenants and guest do too.

-Vote in community elections and on other issues.

-Pay association assessments and charges on time.

-Contact association leaders or managers, if necessary, to discuss financial obligations and alternative payment arrangements.

-Request reconsideration of material decisions that personally affect you.

-Provide your current contact information to the association so you receive all information from the community.