Home Improvement Reminders

If you’re planning construction or home improvement projects on your property or in your unit, remember to follow a few simple steps to ensure you don’t run into problems with neighbors or the association down the road.

-Before construction begins, please obtain a certificate of liability and workers compensation insurance from your contractor that names the association as an additional insured entity. The general liability coverage should be at least $1 million. This will help protect you, other residents and the association in the event of accidents, damage or injuries during the course of construction.

-Remember, you must submit your plans to the design review committee (DRC) before work begins.

-All work must comply with local building, health and safety codes. The DRC is not responsible for ensuring your compliance, nor does the committee’s approval imply compliance with local requirements.

-The DRC and the board have the right to inspect the work underway on your property to ensure it complies with the plans they approved.

-You will be held financially responsible for any damage to the common elements, limited common elements, other units or property resulting from the work done on your project or by your contractor.

-You are responsible for ensuring that main phone, cable, power and other utility lines sustain no damage from your construction project.

-You must arrange to have all project-related debris and supplies removed daily. The association will bill you if it has to clean up a common area disturbed by your project.