Association Management in Idaho



Serving on a community board of directors is a volunteer position, often held by individuals who have full-time jobs and family priorities. Most people want to serve on a community board to improve the neighborhood and protect the value of their homes, not deal with the administrative minutia. With the long list of responsibilities that comes with leading a HOA, association management can offer assistance and relief to overworked board members and keep communities running smoothly.

When you take a look at some of the important obligations of a homeowners association, you can see why enlisting the help of association management professionals is a necessary solution for many communities. HOAs and their board members may be responsible for:

  • Homeowners Association Finances: There is a lot on the line when handling the finances of a community. Financial responsibilities include budgeting, billing, collecting dues, tax preparation, and tax filing.
  • Community Communications: Notifying residents of annual meetings, distributing meeting minutes, creating newsletters, and sending important updates about the community, bylaws, and assessments are just a few items on seemingly endless list of required correspondence that board members must handle.
  • Project Management and Supervision: Board members must coordinate and supervise construction, maintenance and other special projects around the community from perimeter fences to common areas.
  • Enforcement: Perhaps one of the most uncomfortable and thankless aspects of serving on a community board is collecting dues, filing liens, and enforcing CC&Rs. While this is done with the community’s best interest at heart, board members are often vilified when taking on this role.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pass many of these tough jobs onto a third party while still staying in control of the big decisions for your community—to have a say in the rules, but not have to be the face of enforcement? Association management takes the administrative burdens off your plate, allowing you to invest your energy into making the decisions that make your community a better place.

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